Essential Skills Required to be a Network Marketer


    With the ongoing pandemic, many have opted for Work from Home (WFH) and Network Marketing are one of the choices. Due to the increased demand for wellness items, particularly nutraceuticals and health supplements, Network Marketing is expecting a compound growth in the coming year. Many have preferred Network Marketing last year (i.e. 2020) and most of them have been the victims of job crises during the pandemic. Network Marketing is a great opportunity for those who want a part-time job and earn a decent living working at their convenience hours. Those who take it seriously can even turn part-time to full-time income. “Be warn” will not happen overnight. Certainly, you can become a successful Network Marketer, but you need to master these basic skills. Thankfully these skills are not Rocket science. All you need is practice to become a top earner.

The blog highlights some of the basic skills of a top earner.

  • Prospecting
  • Generating Leaders
  • Inviting
  • Presenting
  • Edification
  • Follow-up
  • Help your prospect become a distributor or customer
  • Promote company events and training


Prospecting in network marketing is one of the most basic skills of network marketing you need to learn. The first question that comes to the mind of every prospect is, “Do I know anyone?”. If you can help the prospect to form a chain of people that can be placed as their downline, you have overcome your first obstacle.

A lot of people turn down Network Marketing after failing this. Make a list of top priorities prospects and approach them regarding the business. Make them aware of the business and how it can benefit them. There is a high chance that the people you know will end up with you rather than strangers. Although it may seem easy, prospecting is where most fails and gave up.

Check out this article on how to prospect customers.         

Generating Leaders

Recruiting prospects is a highly efficient strategy to grow in Network Marketing. But having a passive leader will ease your work. Master the art of prospecting and you will know who your successor will be. It will take time to produce a passive leader, but it will pay off tenfold. Instead of you going everywhere, what if your passive leaders recruit for you? You are building a great huge passive income stream growing your business 24/7.

There will be places that you are not familiar with, but one of your leads will know how to hunt for prospects in that area. Dedicate for a year or two and live a life with fortune. Remember, dedication and not giving up is the key.


The key to inviting is not to hurt your prospects.  Don’t go around looking for every single living person and tell them about your business.  The goal of inviting is to educate people on what you do.  The more people that understand what you do, the more your business will grow.

Inviting is possibly the number one skill in network marketing you need to master to become a top earner fast. Instead of learning how to invite professionally most people just verbally vomit on people. They try and explain every detail about their business before someone sees a presentation. Curiosity is what moves people, and you need to build curiosity when you invite in network marketing. Certainly, you don’t want to mislead people about what your business is, you just want them to see the presentation for what it really is.

Most people have the wrong idea that inviting means they must convince someone to join or buy the products or services. But the reality is you are looking for people that will be benefited from your business. Change the view from “How can I sell” to “How my business will help the customer”.

Come up with a solution as to how you can solve your customer’s problem without sounding needy, pushy, or awkward.


The largest obstacle in presenting is understanding that YOU are NOT the issue.  Remember, if the prospect can see themselves within a successful business the presentation is complete.

Most network marketing companies have a video presentation that you can use to present your business. Watch the video several times until you are confident to give your own. This will help you to present your business anytime or anywhere.

Another option is to invite your prospects to a live event or a zoom call that another leader in your organization is doing. This can be helpful to both of you because you can learn the presentation from an expert, you have the proof of other successful people in the business and you don’t have to be the one presenting.

Use success stories and testimonials to cover common objections you often hear from prospects after the presentation. This will give you a strong stand in your presentation regarding the product.

Follow up

This happens after the presentation which includes Handling objections. Clarifying issues to the prospect Closing of sales. CLOSING OF SALES is the critical point to make a sale. After the prospect attends the Presentation knowing how to follow up appropriately can help you maintain relationships. Most people go into “begging mode” or “stalker mode” if someone doesn’t say yes right away. You want to be a professional and you need to learn how to accept a no if that is what people want. The key is to keep inviting people to learn more information and get their questions answered if they continue to express interest.

After the presentation, call up and thank the prospect for attending the presentation. Ask them regarding the presentation and their commitment to the business. Share the detail as to how you will assist them to start the business to earn money. It is possible that they are interested but have doubt, then invite them to another exposure. It may take 4-5 exposure for an average person to join. The only reason for exposure is to create another one in the future.


Knowing how to edify will help a lot. The concept is to talk highly of someone whom they know and how they succeed in this business. One of the most basic used edifications is, remember this person, he has earned his bonus car upon reaching this status with the company and is almost on top and living life. He really cares for his team and is ready to help anytime. I can’t wait for you to meet him.


Edification doesn’t need to only be about business success either. You can follow that same formula for a product testimony as well.

The main benefit of using edification and a 3rd party expert to help you grow your network marketing business is that the information is coming from someone else. You have trust and a relationship with them, but no credibility. When you edify someone, it builds up their credibility and your prospect use that and the trust with you to decide.

Also, edification goes both ways. Your 3rd party expert can edify you back and say nice things about you, and that can help build your credibility as well.

Help your prospect become a distributor or customer

Duplication is one of the toughest skills of network marketing, and it starts with getting your new team members are off to a fast start. One of the biggest reasons people quit network marketing is that they get their feelings hurt and they aren’t prepared for rejection.

Make use of the secret of 3 R’s to build your business. The 3 R’s are RECRUIT, RETAIN and REPLICATE. Bring in the best people and invest time in those people to keep them motivated so that they can move ahead and become a leader like you. Let your organization know there’s work involved, and you need leaders so that you all can be successful.  This is an expectation that needs to be set in place before anyone starts to build a business.

Let your work be known to them, how you started, how many rejections you had and never given up reaching your present stage. Help them developed a plan to overcome challenges so that they don’t have to struggle with you being their mentor. Assign them specific tasks to achieve the goal.

Promoting Events

Most often you’ll be promoting company events and training events to your new team members or potential team members. This is something you’ll use in almost every aspect of your business. The reality is that if you want a large team in network marketing you need an organization that isn’t dependent on you.

The only way this can happen is if you have a system in place to train and build your team with or without you. One of the best ways to do this is by having your team members attend company events.

At company training events people can see a bigger perspective and can learn from other top earners in network marketing. This is great because some people you recruit will be better than you in the business.

You want people in your organization to grow and develop into leaders and for that to happen, they must want to go to these big events. This is where the skill of promoting comes into play. You need to be able to promote effectively or your team won’t get trained and see the bigger picture.


It only takes these skills to master Network Marketing. Really on them and apply them consistently in your business. Learning is a part to become a top earner. Once you learn something that will be with you forever. There will be ups and downs in every business like yours, so, don’t get the idea that you will give up, instead be consistent and motivate others and you will find yourself in a place where you want in no time.